Transform Your Organization's Skill Management with Our Platform

Your organization's ability to make effective decisions is closely tied to the skills of your workforce. But how can you align your HR strategy with your company's unique needs and realities? Our innovative approach combines individual motivation with real-time skill updates to uncover the talents and strengths of your organization.

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Jobs & Skills

Maintain an Up-to-Date Skills Repository with Our Real-Time Tool

Our experts and cutting-edge technology provide support to help you audit, create, and develop your skills repository with ease. With our dynamic and multilingual tool, you can manage your skills in real-time using external data.

Jobs & skills Framework
Skills Mapping

Skills Mapping

Identify Transformation Needs with Real-Time Skills Visualization

Gain valuable insights into the skills that can be mobilized and those at risk, empowering your organization's transformation. Employees can self-evaluate and receive feedback, allowing you to provide better HR support. Use our skills mapping to upgrade necessary skills and facilitate internal mobility. Gain awareness of employees' career aspirations to support sustainable decision-making.

Test &

Objectively Validate Your Teams' Skills with Our Tests

Our platform offers skills tests from the largest professional test publishers, validating your employees' skill levels and enabling the design of tailored training programs. Use our central tool to objectify each skill, receiving intelligent suggestions that align with your business objectives.

AI Skills Engine
Test & Assessment

HR Dashboard

View Skills in Real-Time and Get Personalized Reports

Our HR dashboard offers personalized reports and real-time skill monitoring, supporting effective decision-making at all levels of your organization. Use our operational vision of employees to support the managerial relay of HR policies and ensure regular interactions between employees and managers.

AI Skills Engine

Give Meaning to Each Skill with Our AI

Our AI adapts to your business goals, using external data to provide suggestions tailored to your needs. We integrate your internal rules into our software intelligence to respect your company's culture and save you valuable time.

AI Skills Engine

Drive your organization through skill

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