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Students and recent graduates

Leverage skill gap analysis to kick-start your career journey with confidence and a competitive edge.

  • Identify in-demand skills
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Enhance your employability
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Career changers

Discover a new profession that matches your skills, interests, and life values, and take the next big step with confidence.

  • Streamline your career change
  • Align your skill set with industry requirements
  • Increase your chances of success
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Mid-level professionals

Leverage our report to unlock new career opportunities.

  • Enhance your qualifications
  • Stay ahead of a competition
  • Reach a long-term career success
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Returning to work

Update your professional profile and explore new career opportunities that fit your current lifestyle and future goals.

  • Get up-to-date skill set
  • Overcome concerns
  • Re-enter the workforce successfully
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What's inside the report

Snapshot of Your Career Journey

Begin with a panoramic view of your professional achievements and the unique strengths you've honed, setting the stage for your transformative journey ahead.


Analyzing Your Skills

Navigate through a detailed examination of your current skill set, identifying pivotal talents for future success. Discover which skills are surging in demand and which you might need to update, ensuring your arsenal remains cutting-edge.


Your Ideal Roles

Unveil a spectrum of roles meticulously selected for you. From immediate next steps to aspirational positions and unexpected opportunities that align with your capabilities, expand your horizons and see where your skills can truly shine.


Your Personalized Roadmap

Embark on a strategic journey with a tailored plan that outlines skill enhancements for your current role, essential skills for ascending to higher positions, a comprehensive skills assessment, and course recommendations to elevate your career trajectory.

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What our customers


CompetenzLab's career report was instrumental in my transition from education to EdTech. It not only helped me identify transferrable skills but also recommended suitable tech roles where I could leverage my teaching experience. This has been the best career decision I've made.


CompetenzLab's career report was instrumental in my transition from education to EdTech. It not only helped me identify transferrable skills but also recommended suitable tech roles where I could leverage my teaching experience. This has been the best career decision I've made.


CompetenzLab's career report has been a game-changer for me. It helped me identify my top skills and suggested new roles that I hadn't considered. The recommendations for upskilling have been incredibly useful in paving my way for a successful transition to a Senior Product Manager role.


Retail was all I knew until I found CompetenzLab's Career Report. It made me realize that my managerial skills could be translated into an E-commerce role. Now, I manage an online store and couldn't be happier.


After working with PHP for many years, I started to feel unchallenged. The CompetenzLab report highlighted my strengths and showed me potential growth areas. It suggested I expand my backend skills to include frontend technologies. Now, I'm a successful Full-Stack Developer, thanks to CompetenzLab's insightful analysis and recommendations.


For now, Competenz Lab offers a unique opportunity to try our career report for free. This is available only during the beta-testing period. After this phase, a fee will be introduced for the report.

At Competenz Lab, you complete a detailed questionnaire designed to uncover your career goals. Additionally, you upload your CV, which includes your experience, skills, and achievements. Our platform uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze this information and provide recommendations that are most relevant to your profile.

It takes no more than 2 minutes to receive the initial results of the career report after submitting your CV and completing the questionnaire.

The career report from Competenz Lab is tailored to each individual, highlighting current skills, strengths, and offering a perspective on career development according to the user's aspirations. It provides exact steps for achieving career goals, whether it's advancing in the current field or exploring new industries.

Yes, the report is designed to cater to a wide range of career aspirations, including those who wish to stay in their current industry and those looking to make a complete industry change. It offers tailored advice and steps to help achieve your career transition goals.

To begin, complete the career goals questionnaire, and upload your CV. The process is quick and straightforward, ensuring you receive your personalized career report in no time.

The career report is beneficial for anyone looking to gain insights into their career path, whether you're seeking to advance in your current field, explore new opportunities, or considering a complete industry switch. Our platform is designed to support a wide range of career aspirations.

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